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African Cultural Astronomy

  FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE: African Cultural Astronomy Astronomy is the science of studying the sky using telescopes and light collectors such as photographic pla...

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Ancient Egypt hidden Dynasties

 Many of us have been taught about the mystic pharaohs that once ruled over the region of mother Africa but have not been enlighten of the extensive dynasties that were present. I...

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Australian Aborigines

Australian aborigines, native people of Australia who probably first came from somewhere in Asia more than 40,000 years ago. Genetic evidence also suggests that c.4,000 years the...

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The Hor Book of Breathings

DOWNLOAD HERE: The Hor Book of Breathings    The Hor Book of Breathings is a complete publication of three of the remaining fragments of the Joseph Smith Papyri. These anc...

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Who is Marcus Garvey

We are likely aware or know of Malcom X or Martin Luther King, but what do we know of Marcus Garvey and did he do to help our community? Well, long before Malcom X or Martin L...

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